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Welcome to Toke Lyf Nation, home of Toke Lyf where the vibes are smooth, and the bowls are always packed. Sit back and relax on that couch and let us walk you through what our place is all about. Our vibe page is set up to help you step-by-step in learning more about Cannabis & CBD while making it easy to get the products you need to get started.

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Our goal is to take you on a journey of beautiful glass pieces and the accessories you will need to keep calm and Toke Lyf on. When you visit Our Toke Shop, on an item page, you will observe that the title is sporting that Toke Lyf green color,  when clicked a current review video or more about the title subject will pop up in a separate window. All for your viewing pleasure.

Additionally any Green txt on a page will take you to more about the subject, which is normally a good read from our blog. It will provide you with info from the intensive research we do. We took the liberty of taking all the work out of it for you. Gone are the days of looking up product review videos or good reads when you’re too stoned!

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Our writers are constantly searching the recesses of cyber-space on the most up-to-date changes in the CBD/Cannabis/Hemp industry as well as the ever-changing rules, regulations, and laws in the various states. We address a variety of topics and follow closely on what’s happening in the world of cannabis. You can subscribe to our blog to have each news post sent right to your email.

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 Come vibe with us on all of our social platforms including Facebook, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram where we host Cannabis Corner providing you with current facts about whats happening in the cannabis world. These are great ways to continue to catch our vibe at Toke Lyf Nation.


 As many states continue to change their cannabis laws, it is putting more and more pressure on the government to make it one federal law that covers all 50 states. With new advocacy groups being formed more and more in many states, the time is now to vibe together as one and push for a nationwide ruling to legalize marijuana.  

We want to continue to raise awareness of the benefits of cannabis in American culture through programs, literature, and events. Our advocacy group will work in conjunction with others to garner more beneficial programs for the cannabis industry.  

A portion of our shirt sales will be used to assist in the research of the benefits of cannabis for those suffering from PTSD and other service-related disabilities. 

We urge you to join your local or state advocacy groups. There are many all over the United States that are always grateful for support to the cause. In addition, there are online forums regarding the legalization that refer to some great advocacy groups you can join. Continue to follow our blog for more information on ways you can help. 

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go towards federal legalization and research of medical cannabis use.


Elevate Your Vibe,

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