Disc Golf and Cannabis

Disc Golf

Disc Golf & Cannibis

Disc golf is becoming extremely popular. Courses are popping up everywhere and it seems to be one of the popular ways to spend some time relaxing and getting exercise. Some believe this is a hot new fad. In reality, this type of golf was created in the 1970’s using frisbees. In 1973, the “target” was invented. It is a wire basket on a pole that you aim the disc at to make the “hole.”

According to Wikipedia, “Steady Ed” Headrick and Dave Dunipace are two inventors and players who greatly impacted how it is played. In 1976 Headrick formalized the rules of the sport, founded the Disc Golf Association (DGA), the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), and the Recreational Disc Golf Association (RDGA). They also invented the first formal target with chains and a basket. The modern golf disc was invented in 1983, with the revolutionary change of adding a beveled rim, giving the disc a greater distance and accuracy. Like regular golf, there are now drivers and putters and many different disc choices just like golf clubs.

What is the connection between Disc Golf and Cannabis?

Many disc golfers enjoy smoking cannabis. For some reason, the two seem to go hand in hand for some players. Increased areas are dedicating open spaces to create courses for what many consider the “new fad”. Products pop up all over the web that tie the two together. Toke Lyf Nation has created tumblers to promote diss golf.

When you play traditional golf, there is often a beverage cart on the course selling 16-ounce cold beers. You will often find the scent of cigars as well. Disc golfers, on the other hand, are more likely to forgo the alcohol and stogies and enjoy their marijuana.

In a recent survey of the disc golfers, they were asked if they consumed cannabis while golfing. The results showed that 92% have used cannabis at some point in their life. Among that 92%, further surveys showed that 58% consume cannabis daily, and 82 percent have used it while playing disc golf.

How does CBD play a role in the Disc Golf activities?

As in any type of exercise or outdoor activities, walking a disc golf course can sometime be strenuous. The course may be created in an existing park or recreational area with small hills and some wooded areas. There are no golf carts or any way to get through these ups and downs of the course except to walk.

This can result in pulled muscles, back pain, or joint stiffness afterwards. That is why so many people who disc golf, turn to CBD products. The CBD industry offers many types of products that assist with these pains. This allows the players to get good exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and have a hobby they enjoy. It’s a win-win situation.

The PDGA and Cannabis

How does the PDGA feel about the topic of cannabis and CBD? There are big sponsors for sports entertainment, often filling a void of funding that would otherwise make major sporting events impossible. Due to so many changes in state legislation over the past few years, some cannabis brands are now looking to sponsor disc golf events. The big question moving forward is, how will the PDGA respond?

The current policy for the PDGA states: “The PDGA does not accept advertising or sponsorships for products or services that promote federally and nationally illegal activities or controlled substances ….”

However, they did update the policy to add CBD products to its list of sponsorships with the disclaimer that “CBD requires specific consideration and approval on a case-by-case basis by the PDGA Board of Directors.”

Still, we will monitor the situation as these rules continue to evolve with shifts in state legislation and as more cannabis companies enter the advertising space for disc golf.

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