Quit Cigarette Smoking with CBD Oil

Quit Cigarette Smoking

Quit Smoking with CBD Oil

You can quit cigarette smoking with CBD oil. This is one of the hot topics in the CBD industry today. Tobacco addiction causes millions of deaths worldwide. Tobacco is one of the most addictive substances we can easily obtain. Each year, more than seven million people die from tobacco-related diseases.

In the United States alone, over forty million adults struggle with nicotine addiction. Unfortunately, conventional treatments deliver little or no help to those who are trying to quit. quit smoking cigarettes.

CBD Oil with a Hemp Base Can Help You Quit Cigarette Smoking

Recently, CBD (cannabidiol) has been making big headlines in research journals for its ability to help with tobacco addiction. But many are wondering if it makes since to use CBD oil on a regular basis to help you quit smoking. The experts say is a great solution to helping “kick the habit.” It is important to note that when we refer to CBD oil in this article, it applies to Hemp Based CBD Oil only. CBD oils with THC are not conducive to reducing or eliminating nicotine addictions.

One of the reasons why hemp-based CBD oil works so well is the fact that cannabidiol can control tobacco headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and concentration problems. Second, it helps you ignore cigarette cravings because CBD oil will make you less susceptible to bodies cues that trigger you feeling like you need a cigarette. 

How does CBD Oil help you Quit Cigarette Smoking?

Nicotine addiction is first a physical addiction. You may have started smoking from peer pressure, or because you thought it looked cool. Some people simply pick it up as a habit to deal with something they are going through or to have something to do when they feel restless. What starts as a simple desire to try it, smoking cigarettes is habit-forming and will soon trigger a behavioral addiction. With a physical addiction, all you need to do is make it through the time your body needs to flush the nicotine out of your system. This will help your body to go back to normal functioning.

The problem lies with the fact that by the time you realize you have the physical addiction; your brain has been wired to recognize the pleasurable sensation that is associated with inhaling cigarette smoke. Now it becomes a behavioral addiction which is more complex. This is why nicotine replacement therapies, such as nicotine gums or patches, has such a low success rate. The surge of dopamine that comes with smoking cigarettes simply reinforces the habit. That is why people have a challenging time quitting cigarette smoking cold turkey.

CBD Alleviates Withdrawal Symptoms After Quitting Cigarettes

Recently, CBD has garnered the attention of psychiatrists and addiction experts for its potential in dealing with tobacco addiction. CBD has a unique therapeutic profile. People already use it to relieve a huge range of existing conditions and symptoms, of other mental and physical illnesses or symptoms’ such as pain, muscle spasms, tremors, seizures, sleeplessness, autoimmune conditions, neurodegeneration and dementia, and  much more.

Nicotine is strongly addictive, similar to hard drugs like cocaine. That is why some people find it hard to quit cigarette smoking. In some instances, most smokers have such harsh withdrawal symptoms that is almost impossible to overcome. The physical addiction to tobacco goes beyond just the urge to have another cigarette. Your body begins to experience irritability, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, high blood pressure, headaches, and depression. These symptoms could linger for up to several weeks. If the period of withdrawal were easy to overcome, smoking addiction wouldn’t have become such a global health problem.

CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), which maintains homeostasis throughout the body. The ECS controls essential bodily functions, including sleep cycles, stress response, blood pressure, body temperature, mood, memory, pain perception, and more. Supplementing CBD oil helps you maintain a sufficient level of your own cannabinoids and thus curbs the tobacco cravings in your body when you quit smoking.

What are the other benefits After Quitting Cigarettes?

There are tons of studies on the topic of the benefit when you quit cigarette smoking through the use of CBD oil. I will not wax eloquently with words such as “receptors” or “neurotransmitters.” But I will tell you that the internet is full of deep scientific evidence to support the studies that CBD oil can help you quit smoking cigarettes.

Although CBD will indirectly improve the proper functioning of brain cells and thus helps to relieve tremors, muscle spasms, and even lowers the incidence of anxiety and depression caused when you quit cigarettes.

In Conclusion

As always, we do research to provide our readers with up-to-date information in the CBD world. We urge you each to run your own search and check out all the information to decide what the best plan of action is for your body and your personal situation.

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