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Toke Lyf introduces our new tumblers. Nothing makes your beverage more enjoyable than these beautiful tumblers. They are high quality 20 oz. sublimation tumblers that come with their own straw. They are made of double insulated 304 stainless steel.

Each tumbler sports one of our new designs. They are leak proof and will keep your drink cold for several hours. We are excited about this newest addition to our product line. Each one is handcrafted from custom designs created by our artist. Each one carries its own signature name based on the artwork of the tumbler. With names like HealTHCare and Kiss Me I’m Highrish, they are sure to be a conversation piece wherever you go.

I’ll drink to that

In 1980, travel mugs became widespread. Coffee clubs and convenience stores would sell the mug with a cup of coffee. Then they would give discounts on each refill when you stopped each day for your cup of Joe. You were able to get a discount on your “refill” every time you visited their establishment. These were just plastic mugs with the store’s logo. They soon became so popular that they were known as “Trip Sips”.

In 1983, the minivan was invented. This new type of vehicle came with built in cup holders. After 1994, the cup holder became a standard practice for all car manufacturers. And sometime not just in the front seat. My Volkswagen Jetta has room for 2 cups in the console. Then both front doors have a notch cut out in the door pocket big enough to hold a tumbler. Not to mention there is a console in the middle of my back seat that pulls down and has pop-out holders for 2 more cups.

I will admit I am curious why I need 6 cup holders for a car that seats 4 people. That just shows you that we, as a nation, are obsessed with our tumblers and will make sure the cars we buy have room for them.

A new era appeared

Over the past 2 decades, the plastic tumblers have evolved and become one of the most popular car accessories. They are no longer just for cars. We keep them on our desks. We use them in our homes. We take them with us when we go on picnics. You will find them on beaches and at ball games. Even baby strollers are equipped with cup holders for our obsession with the tumbler.

You can find them with so many designs, brand names, and company logos. The list goes on and on. They are a great alternative to the plastic water bottles that are filling our landfills and oceans since people will toss them anywhere.

Toke Lyf launches our tumblers

Since we are like all other Americans and like our tumblers, it made perfect sense to launch our own line. We wanted something unique, timely, and relative to our Toke Lyf theme. We couldn’t find anything on the market that appealed to us. We were not interested in cookie cutter patterns that are a dime a dozen at every convenience store around. Same cup, just a different logo. We are not a sports team or a club or group. So what better way to find something unique than to design it ourself.

Our designer went to work researching and studying until he came up with patterns that have been custom designed and will be totally exclusive to Toke Lyf.

It is with great joy that this past week we started production. This is not a huge assembly line production. Each cup is individually created with the custom design you order. You need to check out our newest patterns by visiting our Toke Lyf Shop. We will be curious to know which one is your favorite.

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