CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

One of the hottest items on the market today is CBD Gummies. CBD is derived from cannabis which is one of the world’s most popular recreational drugs. A team of archaeologists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing reports clear physical evidence that mourners burned cannabis for its intoxicating fumes on a remote mountain plateau in Central Asia some 2500 years ago.

Studies also show that cannabis evolved about 28 million years ago on the eastern Tibetan Plateau, according to a pollen study. The plant still grows wild across Central Asia. More than 4000 years ago, Chinese farmers began to grow hemp for its textiles such as rope, clothing and paper made from its fibers, as well as oil extracts for medicinal purposes.

An article published in Science Advancesdiscusses new techniques to identify the chemical signature of the plant and evaluate it’s potency. The article is part of a wide effort to track how the plant spread to become the global intoxicant it is today. The article goes on to state that archaeologists had made claims of ritual cannabis burning in Central Asian sites as far back as 5000 years ago.

The cannabis discovered, that was burned 2500 years ago in China, was different than earlier cannabis which showed smaller traces of THC. Excavations high in the Pamir Mountains have uncovered skeletons and wooden plates, bowls, as well as wooden braziers that held burning material. All are typical of the Sogdians, which later celebrated the mind-expanding properties of cannabis in sacred texts.

Flash Forward

Flash forward to modern day when the cannabis plant is used in various forms for various reasons, such as CBD, which is non-psychotropic. It is available as pain relief, ointments, and oils. It is also available for skin care, make-up, lotions, bubble bath and pet products. But one of the hottest CBD products to come down the pike in recent years has been CBD Gummies.

Although some edibles products might look like normal food items, they are not food and are not intended to provide any nutritional value. Gummies provide an alternative method of CBC consumption to smoking and vaping. If you are interested in trying edible these delectable edibles, you need to read all labels carefully. These CBD items vary widely, so do your own research to see what works best for you.

Relief Extract

There is a relief extract that is found in hemp and is available across the U.S. and can be purchased without a prescription. It uses a new delivery system that’s 450% more effective than regular CBD’s oil, gummies, capsules, and creams. We are now carrying a wide line of PureKana Premium CBD Gummies that contain pure concentrated doses of hemp extract known as CBD or Cannabidiol.

This can help relieve even the most agonizing joint discomfort along with general muscle aches, soreness, sleep disorders, anxiety, and many other ailments. They are made using CBD isolate and since it contains 0% THC, it helps without the “high”. It also calms, relaxes, and eases tension all over the body.

Unfortunately, most CBD found on the market can’t deliver a fraction of these results. The problem is that some hemp prUnfortunately, most CBD found on the market can’t deliver a fraction of these results. The problem is that some hemp products contain no CBD whatsoever. Some companies selling real CBD typically come in oil form. Our PureKana line of  premium CBD Gummies contains a unique “water soluble” system.

This technology is shown to improve absorption in the cells, quickly boosting the body’s cannabinoid levels. We are hearing rave results from our customers who are using these gummies. In addition to the health benefits of these CBD gummies, they are also 100% vegan friendly. No animal by-products are ever incorporated into the PureKana formula.

We hope you will stop by our Toke Lyf Shop and check out some of the other CBD products we carry.

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