The Toke Lyf Nation 1st Conference Trip is a Success

USA CBD Convention

The USA CBD Expo Conference was in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend. It was our first time going to a conference. As our business grows, we are expanding into new markets in the industry. We had been considering a line of CBD and Delta 8 products. What better way to find top-of-the-line products than to attend a national conference featuring over 300 vendors with thousands of products for us to discuss, review and sample. There were also many speakers who covered a multitude of topics relevant to the industry. 

We met lots of amazing people and learned so much about the industry. We were excited to find that people were as interested in The Toke Lyf Nation as we were in them. If you ever get a chance to attend a USA CBD Expo, I highly recommend it. It’s not just for business to business. They have hours for the public to attend to get the same experience we were able to enjoy. You should check them out at Bookmark it like I did so you can keep updated on any conferences they may have in your area.  I would like to introduce you to some companies who made a lasting impression on us. 


One of the first to make a huge impression was PureKana out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Talk about a top-of-the-line presentation. They have been featured in Forbes magazine, Business Insider, Yahoo Business, Medical Daily and more. In 2020, they were #4 in the list of top 20 CBD oils to try. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Joseph Lopez to learn all about their products, how they do their lab testing, and much more.  

Their most recognizable influencer, Alex Michael Turner, Bodybuilder, Fitness Model and Personal Trainer is the face for the brand of PureKana. We also had the privilege of meeting him at the conference. He explained the benefits he has received from their product. I had the luxury of some one-on-one time with Alex. He has graciously agreed to an interview for an upcoming blog.

Pleasant Valley Farmacy

At another booth, we met Ajay and Noah from Pleasant Valley Farmacy. Pleasant Valley Farm is a certified organic three-generation farm that has been owned by only two families since 1830. Noah fixed us a cup of coffee to try which was delicious. We went back to their booth several times to view the products and to simply set and visit. Stay tuned for future blogs as we continue learning more about this amazing company. 

Country Boy’s Farm

So many farms are prevalent in the CBD/Hemp industry. There was one we met that I want to go tour their farm. It was Country Boy’s Farm. The farm has been in their family since the 1901. Their story is impressive, and we can’t wait to interview them for an upcoming blog. Their products are different from normal CBD products, and we are excited to introduce you to them in the near future.

Super Scientific Labs

One of the most unique companies was Super Scientific Labs. We were super impressed with Stefano Ricciulli as he explained how they do product development. As they say on the website, “If you can put it in a box or bottle we can help you manufacture it from start to finish.”  They have an FDA approved ISO-7 Lab where they make unique formulations for special products.

Frontier CBDS

The one we met that traveled the farthest was Frontier CBDS. Brought to us all the way from Homer, Alaska. Driving over 4,500 miles to bring their unique products and personalities to Atlanta. We were really impressed with these guys. By the time we stopped by their booth several times, they made us feel like family. We did purchase a bottle of their CBD honey. Even though they do make wildflower honey, the bottle we bought was made from fireweed, a beautiful purple flower that grows in December in Alaska.

What the future holds

As you can imagine, these companies were not only a great hit with us because of their products, but because of the uniqueness of their stories. Over the next few weeks, we will be doing a series of blog posts featuring each of these companies as we do exclusive interviews on each one and introduce you to these amazing products and the people that make them.

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