Introducing Toke Lyf

Toke Lyf

Welcome to Toke Lyf Nation

It is the foundation for our new Toke Lyf brand of products. It was launched on January 1, 2021 by the release of custom designed products to create a trendy brand that would promote a specific way of life. The objective of the Toke Lyf brand is to be a building block that will eventually launch an advocacy campaign for others to see that Toke Lyf is not just a name, it’s a lifestyle.

It is a term used to symbolize a cannabis and CBD enriched existence to promote unity and freedom. The name was derived from the word Toke which means to smoke cannabis or tobacco. The word Lyf is derived from ancient Scandinavian and translates to medicine. Toke Lyf simply put is smoke medicine.

The phrase was created by the founder of Twisted Crystal Artisans and an application for trademark was filed on October 20, 2020. Toke Lyf is currently being released in campaigns across the internet and social platforms. It is obtaining national recognition in the USA and Canada. One Tik Tokker, Box of Beats, even wrote a song about Toke Lyf.

Introducing our Toke Lyf Line of products

We presently feature four custom designed shirts to help promote the brand. Our shirts are a premium blend of 60/40 organic hemp and cotton that won’t weaken when washed. Made in the USA, the durability of our fabric will cause the shirts to last four times longer than most generic cotton tees. Hemp protects your skin by naturally filtering UV light, resisting bacterial growth and breathes excellently, preventing odors. Due to the fiber, it can preserve color better than any other fabric. The longer you wear it, the softer it becomes on your skin.

The Toke Lyf Launch

When we first launched the shirts, our owner wore one in public for the first time and made several sales just by going about his normal day. Our first sale came when our cook in a local restaurant wanted to know where the shirt came from. Shortly after that, someone stopped us in a parking lot wanting to know about the shirt and more sales ensued. It’s been going like wildfire ever since. Basically, Toke Lyf is taking the nation by storm.

When we created the brand, we did expect to see people take an interest. We just didn’t realize it would start happening so fast and in such a crazy way. We have several products in the design stages at present as we continue to make plans for increasing the visibility of Toke Lyf Nation.

If you want to be part of the Toke Lyf Nation, simply pop over to our SHOP page and purchase a shirt to join the movement. Be sure and create an account to receive updates and be the first to be informed of any new products or special offers. We offer bundles periodically offering good discounts on some of our most requested products.

Follow Toke Lyf on Social Media

Our Facebook page has a feature called Facebook Famous. If you do purchase a shirt, feel free to send us a pic of yourself out and about in your custom shirt and we will add you to our Facebook Famous album. Follow us on Instagram to keep up today with facts from Cannabis Corner. Education and entertainment in each post. We can also be found on Pinterest on our Twisted Crystal Artisans page. Feel free to pin us today. Be sure and check out our Stoner Etiquette on our social media platforms.

There is a lot going on in the Toke Lyf Nation so remember,


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