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T-shirts have long been an important article in our closets and dresser drawers. It has evolved through the ages since it first launched in the 19th century. It is a staple for men, women, children and even babies. No age group is immune to the appeal of an interesting t-shirt. According to Wikipedia, the earliest t-shirts date back to sometime between the Spanish American War in the 1890?s to 1913 when the U.S. Navy first introduced them as undergarments. They were well loved because of the way they fit and felt. They were easy to wash back in the days before fancy washers and dryers were even invented. Not to mention, that the early t-shirts were very inexpensive.

The First T-shirts

At first they were basic and plain. Eventually they became available in various colors. They were common among the military and soon became popular in construction, farming, and ranching, just to name a few. Anyone who ever saw Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire or James Dean in A Rebel Without a Cause will remember how the stars were clad in the t-shirts that were starting to become popular. Girls wanted to meet a guy like Marlon or James and boys wanted to BE a guy like Marlon or James. We feel sure that t-shirt sales really increased after those movies.

Today’s t-shirts are still made in a multitude of colors, but the 1960?s started a trend that continues today. The graphic or novelty tee. The launch came when American companies began putting their logos on t-shirts as advertising, starting a huge trend that continues today. From there, the industry grew to shirts that commemorated events such as the Olympics or World Fairs. From licensed tees to pop culture references, t-shirts continue to grow in popularity. You can find just about any topic, phrase, show, brand, school, product, or theme available somewhere on a t-shirt. It?s mind boggling what all you can find in today’s market.

But some of the most popular are the ones with those crazy sayings or wild pictures that set one company apart from the rest. Our founder has a very eclectic line of personal t-shirts that make you take a second look when they walk by. With that thought in mind, we are creating a unique style with our new line of graphic tees.

We are so excited for the premier of our first designs which will be available sometime within the month. The excitement is building as we prepare for the launch. You?re not going to want to miss this!!

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